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Newstead Short Story Tattoo..

May 20, 2009

What a fabulously inspiring weekend was had! The wine flowed like water and the company was impeccable, if only every weekend could be full of readings, and bizarre burlesque, crazed storytellers with accordians and saw playing accompanied by spoken word.

Unfortunately for me, my geek was not up to scratch and the photos from the Friday night ‘Sleazy Stories’ all came out blurry and whacked. It was very dark in the hall.


With the next morning came daylight, and what was to be the stand out session for me, Fictitious women at the dig cafe. The coffee was much needed and the girls really held their end up with their readings. I walked away feeling a little high and inspired to lock myself away for months to write, mad hermit style.

See the pics below…

As well as these guys, Tiggy Johnson the editor of Page Seventeen read, as well as Eleanor Marley and Janet Barker. Angela’s blog Literary Minded is here, you can read her write up on the weekend as well.

I missed the Torpedo Volume 5 launch that was immediately before this on the Saturday morning, 10am is a very unsociable hour on the weekend. But I did manage to snaffle myself a copy. And you should too, Ruby Murray’s story entitled Larry is positively haunting.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, Neil Boyack must have worked very hard to put the whole thing together, encore!

Also coming up this weekend is the beginning of The Emerging Writers’ Festival. Check out the website for program details, I am going to cram in as much as I can and will be volunteering for the Town Hall program the following weekend.

In terms of submissions, all of the dates I have listed previously are fast approaching, and here’s a late one, The Writers’ Resource Centre is running its biannual short story comp, closing on the 31st of May, (Soon!). 2500wds max.

Cate Kennedy reads some new work. I had tears of laughter.

Cate Kennedy reads some new work. I had tears of laughter.

Carmel Bird intoxicated us.

Carmel Bird intoxicated us.

Angela Meyer doin' her thang for Gen Y. Her blog is the shizzle.

Angela Meyer doin' her thang for Gen Y. Her blog is the shizzle.

Josephine Rowe. So annoyed with myself that this is the first time I have heard her read.

Josephine Rowe. So annoyed with myself that this is the first time I have heard her read.


Couple more submissions…

May 12, 2009

Visible Ink is open for submissions from the 27th of May, and are also having a fundraising night the same night at The Nova. They’re screening Charlie Kaufman’s directorial debut, Synecdoche New York, tickets are $15, and they’re recommending you pre-book. Details are here.

Eclecticism E-zine is open for submissions until July, this rounds theme is looking through animal eyes. Spooky.

And Shelf Life, the new journal from La Trobe University is taking submissions for it’s second issue. Details are here.

Ciao Gang.

Soph Xx

And now for some shameless self promotion…

May 6, 2009

While it’s not my pub and has nothing to do with my writing, my best mate has just opened a venue in Brunswick on Victoria st, number 380.

It is kick-ass, come down for a beer, I’ll be hanging around most of the time…

While that has all been happening, Snufft type things has been pretty quiet the last week or so. But there’s shitloads going down so let’s have a look eh?

The Newstead Short Story Tattoo is not this weekend but the next, 15-17th of May,  I have rented a house with some mates and will be heading up to stick my camera lens in things.

The Emerging Writer’s Festival starts at the end of the month, they are looking for volunteers, and the program is well worth a look there is loads of stuff going on.

The Shoalhaven Literary Award for 2009 is open til the 29th of May, submissions for short stories up to 3000 wds, first prize $1500. And free entry! Can I get a whoop whoop?

The Hadow Stuart Short Story Competition closes the 1st of June, first prize $400, 3000 words max. But there is a $10 entry fee on this one.

For 18-25 year old NSW writers, PNAN Youth Arts Festival, is taking Fiction submissions. The theme is drug and alcohol awareness.

Offset Vic Uni’s annual lit mag is taking submissions until the 12th of June, 2500 words max.

Under 25’s VOICEWORKS is taking submissions for its next issue, closes 17th of May.

That should be enough to keep us going,

Will work on some more links this weekend, US and UK.

I’m off to wrap my jaws around an 18oz steak and a bottle of red…Mmmm…

Soph Xx

Everyone Loves A Quickie..

April 27, 2009

How cool am I that this is my study break…. Ahem.

Perth kids, or kids that haved lived in Perth for a 10 year period of their life. Indigo is now taking submissions for Volume 4 of their journal.


Okey Dokey..

April 22, 2009

Right, So I’ve been working on my US links, which has proven to be a much lengthier process than I had imagined. Will continue to truck on and then move onto the UK stuff after that..

The Emerging Writers’ Festival Launches its program tomorrow night at the Colonial Hotel in the city, I am going to see what it’s all about with my trusty camera and will take some snaps…

Submissions wise there isn’t alot around atm, though loads of the mags and journals in my links list are open pretty much all year round…


There is this…

The Commonwealth Short Story Competition is closing on the 11th of May, min 600wds with a minimum of 3 entries per person. This is free to enter, and the big prize is £2000, so don’t mess around kids.

Have a go.



Shelf Life Launch..

April 14, 2009

Soo… this is a bit late but better than never and all that jazzo…

The Shelf Life launch at Dante’s, (the La Trobe Uni Lit journal) was a hit cymbal, a raving success, and a fun filled night of literary escapades..

Paddy O’Reilly popped in to cut the invisible ribbon, and many of the fine people published in the journal regaled us with excerpts of their work. Apologies for the appalling photos, my lovely camera had a battery related hernia and I had to borrow a friends…

Paddy O'Reilly

Paddy O'Reilly spoke of the first cheque she ever received in the mail for her work, for ten dollars, and how she went on to tell all her friends she was now earning a small living off her writing...

James Crafti

James Crafti - The Editor of Shelf Life, who also has work published in the anthology.

Megan Dale

Megan Dale reads her story entitled ‘A Small Innocuous House in Melbourne.

Twas a fun night, and I can only hope the next one will be as well.. Well done gang.. Congrats on all your hard work..

Soph Xx

Geez Louise..

April 7, 2009

Boy has University been laying it on thick these last couple of weeks, and with holidays and essay writing coming up my blog is looking a little rejected. Never fear! Let’s get some more submissions going on and wish everyone luck for the ones sitting in peoples in-trays. (Of which I have several current nail biters..)

Going Down Swinging seems an apt first one on this fine Tuesday then, they are now open for submissions, closing the 31st of May, for their 29th issue, check the site for details, cover sheets and the like.

The Chimaera‘s submissions period is now open as well, to be part of this ‘Literary Miscellany’ get your submiisions in before the 31st as well.

Page Seventeen are now taking submissions, they’re taking up to 3 submissions of 5000wds each, and have a great line-up for the editorial committee. Take a look for yourself.

Also, The Victorian Writers’ Centre is putting on a ‘Fiction Publishers Tell All‘ night on the 23rd of April. I don’t normally plug these as I assume everyone is already a member. But for five dollars (seven for non-members) this is too good to be missed.

BLOCK the ANU Literary Journal are still seeking, but you’ll have to add yourself to their last minute flurry of submissions before the 10th to be in with a chance. Jahheeez Louise. I’m coming up all bogan.

Have also added some new Australian links, Other Terrain: an electronic journal of the textual, who take short fiction submissions, and Philament: An online journal of the arts and cultures.

Am going to really give my overseas links a lot of attention this weekend.

Happy camping walkers!

Soph Xx